HULK Labour Hire | Labour Hire and Employment solutions to the Mining industry
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Our Core Values

Hulk Labour Hire has maintained excellent relationships with its clients ensuring continued growth during varying economic changes.  Our relationships with our clients are driven through the adherence of our core values – efficiency, quality, safety and innovation.


Project Management is more than just a position description.

It is a skill that should be understood at all levels of an organisation.  Through efficient management of requirements, schedules, materials and resources, savings in project costs enable a client to reap the benefits of an efficient team.


Pride in our work inherently produces quality output.

Our organisation’s procedures and policies comply with international standards and enable us to maintain a consistently high quality of deliverables.  Supervision of all disciplinary teams by experienced and qualified Senior Personnel allows us to control the quality of our output.


Safety is at the forefront of all our work.

Certified Safety and Risk Personnel ensure risk is quantified against delivery and systems are designed to ensure risk is as low as reasonably possible. Legislative requirements and standards are met to ensure personnel, equipment, production and the environment are considered throughout.


Innovative solutions that provide sustainable longevity.

In a world where technology plays such a vital role in all aspects of our lives, maintaining knowledge of the latest innovations within industry, science and engineering ensures that our solutions provide sustainable longevity.

Our values focused to meet your needs

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Providing competitively priced and professional Labour Hire and Employment solutions to the Mining industry.